What is Wattpad Premium?

Wattpad Premium is a subscription-based version of Wattpad. It’s the same Wattpad you know and love, without the ads. Premium users will also unlock a fresh new theme within the app. 

Why do we need an ads-free experience?

Since 2007,  we’ve grown our incredible community to 60 million monthly users across the world who read the 400+ million uploads by our 2.4 million writers. That’s pretty amazing, isn’t it? Supporting a community this large, in 244 different countries and 55 different languages, requires a lot of resources, technical infrastructure, and support.

As with many online platforms, we currently use ads to fund our community (you may have seen them around!) but we have also received many requests for a Premium option from our users. Launching Wattpad Premium gives these users a way to support us directly, while keeping the app free for everyone else.

Will the free version of Wattpad go away?

No, reading and writing on Wattpad will always be free. Whether you’re a free Wattpad user or a Premium user, we will always connect you to the stories you love and can’t find anywhere else. 

What do you get with Wattpad Premium?

When you subscribe to Wattpad Premium, you’ll instantly be able to browse, read, and publish stories, without seeing ads. You also get access to our sleek new Premium theme. Best of all, you’ll feel good, knowing you’re supporting the Wattpad platform, a place where passion and purpose come together. 

Can I use Wattpad Premium anywhere I use Wattpad?

Yes, when you subscribe to Wattpad Premium you will automatically have access to Wattpad Premium features wherever you use Wattpad. For example, if you purchase your subscription through your iTunes account, you will also be upgraded when you use the Android and web version.

How do I get Wattpad Premium?

You can only purchase Wattpad Premium from within the Wattpad app. To upgrade, simply click on the Go Premium button from the home screen, or select it in your Settings menu. Once you purchase Wattpad Premium, your account will instantly be upgraded wherever you use Wattpad—including in-app and on the web version.  

If I subscribe to Wattpad Premium, am I no longer supporting writers who make money from ads?

Through Wattpad Premium, you are supporting writers, as your subscription helps Wattpad build features and programs that help writers succeed and the community to connect and grow.

Wattpad will always be free and accessible to everyone. And as with every new feature that we launch, we're closely monitoring how this affects our community, including the impact on how our writers make money.

Is the content different on Wattpad Premium?

No. Wattpad Premium offers an ad-free reading and writing experience within the same Wattpad you know and love. Wattpad Premium doesn’t mean premium content. The stories will remain the same, regardless of whether you are a free user or a Premium user.